Since our establishment, we at Expert Language Consultants have assisted numerous organizations and individuals to communicate effectively in foreign languages. Our clients come from around the world and from all walks of life, but they all share one thing in common°Xthey have all found our services very satisfactory.

A full list of our clients is not possible here, but some of our most recent clients are listed below. We welcome potential clients and interested translators to contact us for a look at some of our sample work.

Some of our clients include
Apple Daily
Bowen Translation Services
Buona Idea°@°@
Edward Lai & Co., Solicitors
Experian Asia Pacific
Ford, Kwan & Company
Guangdong Economic Press°@°@
Hong Kong Institute of Securities°@°@
Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management°@°@
Hong Kong Polytechnic University°@°@
Hong Kong Shue Yan College
Joy Gola°@°@
Leung°¶s Publications°@°@
Li, Kwok & Lo
Liu, Chan & Lam°@°@
The Law Society of Hong Kong°@
University of Hong Kong
U.S. Potato Board
Wells Fargo

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