Our expertise covers Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Greek and other languages.

Key Translation Areas

Banking and Finance
Annual report, Prospectus, M&A, Accounts, Feasibility study, Project report, Salary and benefits plan, Financial analysis, Marketing materials, Insurance policy

Science and Technology
Electronics, Automobile and machinery, Biotechnology, Chemistry and chemicals, Materials, Energy, Communications, Textiles, Foodstuff, Medicare

Laws and regulations, Litigation and verdicts, Notary, Agreements and contracts, Government notices, Management notices, Press release and public notices, Overseas study, Immigration, Visa

Industry and Commerce

Company profile, Commercial agreements, Trade letters, Banking and financial documents, Patent and intellectual properties, Franchise agreement, Tender/Bid documents, Letters of authorization, Commercial documents, Mortgage agreement, DMC, Packing and packaging, Manual/Product information, Resume/CV

Academic Reports and Papers
Audi/Video Tape Transcription and Subtitling
Popular Books, Media Reports and Advertisements
Website Localization


Our experienced bilingual and multilingual interpreters can offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for a variety of purposes and situations, including:
Business/medical escort
Site visit
Business meetings and negotiation
Seminars and conferences
Press conference

Language training

Our language training programs are tailored for companies, students and professionals that wish to improve their language proficiency under the close guidance of a dedicated teacher. All of our teachers are qualified language teachers who are native or near-native speakers of the language concerned. Somewhat in contradiction to the conventional wisdom, we do not always insist that a native speaker is the best teacher, because we believe that a competent, non-native teacher, through his or her own experience learning a foreign language, may in some cases be in a better position to advise other learners on the best practices in language learning. Nevertheless, we strive to maintain a fine balance by usually assigning a native speaker working together with an experienced, qualified non-native speaker.
It will help us design a tailor-made proposal suitable for your company if you can provide us your company background, the existing language proficiency of your staff, the level of proficiency desired, and other relevant information

Other Services

Editing, proofreading and revising
Chinese/English/Japanese typing

Service charges

We believe that quality takes time and costs money. If you think our prices are high, it is only because they reflect our service quality. Apart from quality, our prices depend on a number of factors, including purpose of the translation, urgency of the work, and the degree of complexity involved, amongst others.

Indicative rates
(Hong Kong dollars per 1000 words in source document; see notes below)



Japanese, German, French, Russian

Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean etc.


General Purpose

Science and Technology, Law, Academic

Industry and Commerce, Finance, Economics

General Purpose

Science and Technology, Law, Academic

Industry and Commerce, Finance, Economics

General Purpose

and Technology, Law, Academic

Industry and Commerce, Finance, Economics

Normal working hours and no layout enhancement

From Chinese

600 to 1200

750 to 1500

800 to 1600

To Chinese

800 to 1600

950 to 1900

1000 to 2000

Overtime and/or layout enhancement

From Chinese

750 to 1500

900 to 1800

950 to 1900

To Chinese

900 to 1800

1050 to 2100

1100 to 2200

1. Word count: The above rates are based on every 1000 words in the source text. If the word count is below 1000 words, a minimum price
of HK$500 is charged for non-rush jobs; for rush jobs, the minimum charge is HK$800. Please note that prices may also be negotiated in terms of the target language. Also note that one English word is usually translated into about 1.8 Chinese characters and the above rates should be read in this light.
2. As punctuation, numbers and letters all form an integral part of the text, they are counted separately. In the case of numbers, every three digits are counted as one word.
3. Tables, graphs and diagrams are counted on the basis of the space they occupy assuming that such space is printed with words as elsewhere in the same document.
4. Work rate: Our normal production capacity is 5000 words per working day. Extra charges may be negotiated for urgent jobs requiring overtime or quicker turnaround.
5. Translation from a foreign language (defined here as a non-Chinese language) into another foreign language: Our international network of multilingual experts makes this possible. The rates are to be negotiated.
6. Rates for less frequently used foreign languages such as Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian and Greek depend on the document to be translated and are subject to negotiation. 7. Rates for interpretation, corporate training, video/audio transcription and website localization are negotiable.
8. Rates for checking and revising service: The rates for our checking/revising service are 30% of the translation rates. Whenever the mistranslation rate exceeds 3%, the full translation price applies.
9. Factors affecting the service charges: The final service charge is influenced by a number of factors including the volume of work, the degree of specialization and complexity, the delivery time schedule, the area of expertise, and purpose of the translation. The final price may be negotiated depending on the circumstances.
10. Special discounts: We offer very attractive discounts to customers for large or regular translation assignments.
11. We reserve the right to make alterations to the services and prices to offer in this price list
without prior notice.
12. The above rates are only indicative. Please contact us for any further information. Your suggestions and opinions are always welcome.

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