We believe that translation is enriched with and improved by personal experiences. Therefore, we welcome all interested translators with different backgrounds and experiences to join us. In fact, one of our strengths is a network of international talents from different walks of life. If you consider yourself a master of at least two languages and you are willing to build a language bridge that connects people from different countries, please fill in the attached Application Form and send it to us. Together we shall meet the challenge of and share the reward for helping others translate their language needs into opportunities.

Application Form for
Full-time/Part-time Translator, Interpreter or Checker
(Data for internal use only)

Full name: *
Sex: Male Female
Date of Birth: Year Month Date
Identification No:
Postal Address :
Postal Code :
Phone: *
Mobile Phone:
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Proficiency in foreign languages (please list)
Resume (please include post-secondary education and work experience, especially in translation or interpretation):
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Capability in translation (please indicate key translation areas; more than two areas are allowed)
(Any others; please specify)
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Instructions to applicants for full-time/part-time translators or interpreters
1. You may inform us your names, mail address and other contact details by phone, mail, fax or e-mail. We will arrange for you to have a test translation/interpretation in a manner that is acceptable to you.
2. An interview in person or by phone will be arranged for you once you have passed the test.
3. Upon reaching a common understanding on our cooperation, we will sign a Memorandum of Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement with you.
4. Whilst on probation, you will be provided with well-organized, on-the-job training. Upon successful completion of the probation, you will become a formal member of our team of professional translators (on full-time or part-time basis as the case may be) and are entitled to continuous on-the-job training as well as other support.
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