Expert Language Consultants is home to a large group of international citizens with extensive business experience and an intimate knowledge of the cultures and languages of major countries worldwide. Many of us received formal education in more than two countries, speak several languages, and have worked in or traveled to multiple countries. Having seen the world and knowing what foreign languages can do for organizations and ordinary citizens alike, we decide to make use of our unique experiences with foreign languages and foreign cultures and provide viable solutions to the language needs of all types of entities and individuals. Our services cover all your language needs, including:
P Translation and interpreting
P Language training
P Editing and copywriting
P Multilingual publishing

Translation and interpreting
To us, both translation and interpreting are defined as communicating in a foreign language as effectively as in ones own mother tongue. At Expert Language Consults, we translate not words, but meanings that are true to the original text. More concretely, we help you achieve your personal or business objectives by speaking your mind in the target language. Our expertise covers broad areas such as industry and commerce, science and technology, law, finance and education. Our interpreting service covers a wide range of purposes and situations, including business escort, site visits, business meetings and negotiation, seminars and conferences, amongst others. Both consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting in major languages can be accommodated.

Language training
Apart from (figuratively as well as literally) translating your language problems into business opportunities, we also offer tailor-made training programs in a variety of languages, including Putonghua, English, Japanese, and French. Our programs cover a wide spectrum of needs, from everyday conversation to advanced levels appropriate for professional services or academic studies. Our expertise encompasses all key industries and sectors, including hotel and tourism, international trade, financial services, retailing, manufacturing, education, etc.

Editing and copywriting
A natural outgrowth of our language expertise is professional editing, proofreading, revising and copywriting. Apart from these, we also offer transcription and recording services. We work closely with government agencies, NGOs, translation companies, multinationals and local firms and produce tailor-made brochures, pamphlets, booklets, manuals, speeches, marketing materials and reports, amongst others. We also undertake commissioned project proposals, feasibility studies, media reports and books.

Multilingual publishing

Based in the Greater China area, we aspire to becoming a leading publisher in bilingual materials that serve to build a language bridge between the Chinese people and their foreign counterparts. Recognizing that a collection of well-written textbooks and references is indispensable for learning a foreign language or getting to know a foreign market place, we are constantly on the look out for good books aimed at developing foreign language proficiency or fostering business and cultural awareness for foreign countries. We will be happy to hear from interested authors and publishers that share our vision. Contact us now for what must be a mutually beneficial venture!

Our business philosophy

Our overriding priority as well as daily routine is to deliver punctual and high quality language services at exceptionally competitive rates. Customer satisfaction is our only goal and we are pleased to see every client leaving a happier person only to return with more business.

Our Strengths

q Local knowledge augmented by a global network of bilingual and multilingual professionals with a solid academic background and extensive work experience.
q An intimate knowledge of languages and cultures that is acquired through formal education and/or work experience at home and abroad.
q A strong commitment to building a language bridge that connects people and organizations from different countries.
q A strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
q Highly flexible services at exceptionally competitive rates.
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