Head Office

Expert Language Consultants
10E, 8 Hart Avenue
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 23648988; (852) 97004862
Fax : (852) 23648964
E-mail:mail@language-expert.com  elchk1@yahoo.com.hk
MSN Messenger: elchk1@hotmail.com

Web site: http://www.language-expert.com

New Zealand Representative Office
24 Ayr Road, Pakuranga
Auckland, NZ 1706
New Zealand
E-mail: williamaklnz@yahoo.co.nz  elc_nz@language-expert.com

U.S.A. Representative Office
2824 Avent Ferry Rd
Raleigh NC 27606
E-mail:Rosettaqi@yahoo.com   elc_usa@language-expert.com

Guangzhou Representative Office
Room 506 5/F 3 Guangwei Road
Guangzhou, China
E-mail:amy790901@yahoo.com.cn   elc_cn@language-expert.com

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