Hong Kong SAR Government Information Center

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Hong Kong Judiciary

Hong Kong Bilingual Laws

Chinese Bilingual Laws  

The Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of China 

China Legal Information Center 

Xinhuanet.com Government Agencies Online 

Shenzhen Stock Exchange 

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited 


Hang Seng Bank 

Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited 

The Law Society of Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Bar Association 

The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong   

Hong Kong SFC's Electronic Investor Resources Center

The Hong Kong Securities Institute 

Online resources unlimited  

Translator's on-line resources  

Hong Kong Translation Society 

Wen Wei Po Hong Kong 

Hong Kong Commercial Daily 

Ming Pao News

Kingsoft Poweword on-line  

Resources in Interpreting and Translation 

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary
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